A change is near

It’s 4:30am and I’m wide-awake. My mind is racing. The array of emotions has been plenty. Happiness, excitement, anxiety, concern, anticipation they are all my frequent visitors. A change is near! It’s like the excitement when you get to the end of a really good book. All the pieces start coming together yet you know in a few more pages, you will be exiting the lives of the characters you have become so familiar with. You have become attached and want more! But now have to hope and wait for a sequel to see what direction they will go in next.

It’s been almost 3 years since a change of this magnitude affected my world and in some ways it seems like yesterday. I don’t believe in accidents. When you have a clear picture of who you are, and what you want, your dreams become reality. The universe (God) will bring it to you.

It all started with an email that I sent to a man I had not seen or heard from in 12 years. He left my mind but never my heart. While we lived in different states our parents just happened to live in the same. So while visiting our families one Christmas he invited me to dinner. When I opened the door and saw him it was like time had stood still. We talked, talked and talked some more. While the evening finally ended the conversations never did.

Eight months later I was moving across the country and leaving 38 years of single, city living behind, heading to suburbia to become a Mrs. I could not have dreamed it any better. But when the moving truck pulled away and I was standing in my empty townhouse sadness came over me. It was like saying goodbye to an acquaintance that you know you will never see again. I honored my emotion and allowed my self to experience sadness that evening.

I woke up the next morning full of excitement. Grabbed a coffee, hugged my close friend goodbye, and headed to the airport. Good-bye Dallas!

I stepped off the plane in Charlotte and began the next sequel to my wonderful life!

Now three years later, a change is near! Here we go again… More to come next week.

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Perception is Reality

I ran off on a last minute trip to Arizona last week. I had a lot on my mind and was not my usual “RA-RA” cheerleader self. I truly believe that we get what we place our attention on. However, I was not willing to pull myself out of my negative funk.

Monday I experienced significant setbacks in a project I have been pouring my heart and soul into. Then while driving I was cut off. When I honked I was flipped off and cussed out.

Tuesday when I returned to my car after a meeting, to my dismay I saw my wallet on the ground next to the car. My initial sense of relief soon changed when I opened it and saw that all my money was gone.

Wednesday I saw sadness and despair in the eyes of a young lady. I felt helpless, as I know you cannot help someone who is not ready to be helped.

Although the experiences above took place, perception is reality. So when I found myself on an airplane coming home, feeling tired and drained, I knew I had to dig deeper. Sometimes it takes a lot of work to see the positive in your day when your ego is being attacked. But my ego has never gotten me anywhere. I refuse to waste my precious time in this world feeling bad (for too long anyway) and I refuse to let the uncontrollable actions of others change who I choose to be. So I dug deeper to find the beauty in my trip and left my ego behind.

Monday I hiked in the most vibrant canyon, the temperature was in the 70’s, taking in the scenes of the desert, the smell of flowers and enjoying the company of a beautiful friend.

Tuesday I experienced the wonders of the desert by driving through a mild dust storm. I enjoyed seeing a full moon through the clouds at sunset, and I had the privilege of attending opening night for a great artist, Kathleen Velo. The passion in what she does shines through in every piece.

Wednesday I had an evening full of joy walking on the resort where my close friend Nicole will soon marry the man of her dreams. I enjoyed a glass of red wine by the fire surrounded by the mountains on a crisp winter night and shared an extraordinary meal as well as great conversations with this wonderful couple.

Anything worth having takes work including feeling good.  I love being a work in progress. The more good you look for, the more you will see and the more you practice, the easier it becomes.

Life is full of choices. Today I choose laughter!

Make it a great day everyone!


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Living life with an open heart

It was a beautiful spring day in San Diego. We where sitting on the couch with the windows open enjoying the smells of the rose garden listening to the birds sing away. “I really want to be at your wedding you know” I paused then replied, “You’ll be there Grammy” But we both knew the truth. Her health was deteriorating as fast as my engagement. We sat there in silence for a while longer as no words needed to be said. I had spent my lifetime holding on to her every word. She was not just my grandmother she was my friend, my mentor, my confidant. At this moment peaceful silence was welcome. No urgency to make up for lost time because we had our time.

A few days later she was admitted into the hospital and had passed within the week. A few months later my engagement was off.

It was a beautiful spring day in San Diego.  We were sitting on the outside patio next to the ocean. The sound of the waves crashing on the beach echoed in the air. Family and friends surrounded me: enjoying the most wonderful brunch the day after my wedding celebration. The laughter in the air was contagious.

My aunt sat next to me and pulled out a gift. “Marcia this is the necklace your Grandma was wearing before she went into the hospital, we know she would want you to have it” I didn’t think I could get any happier than marrying the man who makes my heart sing. But I was wrong. For at that moment, 4 years after she had passed, I knew my Grammy had chosen the best seat in the house at my wedding.

When you open your heart and let another inside they never leave you. I still smell her smell, hear her advice when I need it the most and laugh out loud when I think of  all the  crazy and wonderful memories we shared.



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Do affirmations really work?

I spent some time over the weekend going through a few of my journals. I say a few because I keep them everywhere for when the moment to write hits me like a ton of bricks. I keep 2 daily journals, a gratitude journal as well as an affirmation journal. Lately there has been a lot of hype about affirmations.

For years I have been writing in my affirmation journal but really not giving it much thought. Some of my affirmations stay the same and some change. My list started smaller with ones like “ I have perfect health” “I have a great relationship with friends and family”. Then as I started thinking about more specifics my list grew longer.

I have a huge passion for travel and so a constant in my journal is “I travel first class everywhere I go” I look back to my last few years of travel and can’t help but laugh out loud.  Just a couple weeks ago on a last minute trip to Tucson, my rental car was upgraded due to a shortage of the one I requested.  I booked my hotel through price line and was upgraded to a beautiful resort for under $100.00. When I booked my airline ticket the only seats available were middle seats. The day of travel I was able to change to my favorite, an aisle seat and even had the flight attendant offer me a complimentary drink. As far back as I can remember these wonderful things have been a part of my travel experience. Upgrades on airlines, hotels, and rental cars are a constant. I will continue to keep this as one of my affirmations because I do love traveling first class all the way!

If you already write daily affirmations I would love to hear your experiences. If it’s out of your comfort zone be crazy today, grab a notepad and start writing! It could be a fun 30-day challenge with nothing to loose and everything to gain!

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A perfect day for a parade

As I was on a run last April I met a little boy who was around 3 years old. He decided it was the perfect day for a mardi gras parade. He was wearing a colorful top hat, had strands of beads hanging from his neck and a bucket full of mardi gras coins. He was sitting proud in his little red wagon as his mother was pulling him down the street. He stopped me as I was passing and gave me a set of green beads and a purple coin. After some traditional parade talk I thanked him, placed the beads around my neck and continued on my run. A couple miles later I was stopped at a traffic light waiting for the light to change. A man in a truck rolled down his window and shouted to me “It is NOT mardi gras.”


I looked down at my beads and smiled as I realized that little boy was much smarter than the man in the truck! Who says you can’t celebrate mardi gras 365 days a year?

Enjoy your day and happy mardi gras 🙂

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